Over the past 8 years, Paga has built deep payments infrastructure in Nigeria and we have opened that up to all developers to leverage (available at Paga.dev).

Paga is committed to enabling the innovation of others and spurring the growth of the internet economy.

In speaking with the developer community about the Persistent Payment Account API we heard clearly…

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) make up 90% of all businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority of these SMBs struggle to sell efficiently. They do not have systems to track inventory, and primarily trade with cash. On social media or their own website, those who are selling online also face trust issues with customers who have to pay ahead with little to no recourse and poor delivery logistics. SMBs also struggle to reconcile their sales efficiently and manage their internal operations — paying salaries, paying vendors, or accessing working capital are significant challenges in Africa.

Solving these challenges is at the…

A year ago, I was inspired by a friend’s article to do 3 things —

  • mediate daily
  • write something I am grateful for daily in a journal
  • fast every Tuesday

It was not easy at all and I failed on two of them — Journaling and fasting. However, meditation daily has been amazing for me. I just completed 365 days in a row of meditating!

I’ve been using the Headspace app daily with a mix of 10min or 3 min meditations daily. It is the first time I’ve done something other than sleep, eat and brush my teeth, continuously each…

Not counting the time I went door to door selling smoke detectors for a few months before college, Paga, which I started 10 years ago, was my first true entrepreneurial venture. Reflecting on the Paga journey (READ part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4) has been quite insightful for me, and I have pulled out a few nuggets I can share from my own experience and battle scars.

Here are my top 5 lessons for budding entrepreneurs:

1.Gain work experience before starting a business

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he founded Facebook, and Bill Gates dropped out…

At this point I knew 2 things: that the “use of cash” problem we were seeking to solve at Paga was a global problem, and that we were determined to build a world-class platform, one that could stand shoulder to shoulder with any platform built in Silicon Valley where I had worked and lived for 9 years.

My first approach to this was to partner with a company that already had an existing platform and was willing to collaborate on my vision. I thought this idea would be more easily acceptable to investors by eliminating the technology risk. …

“You hear all these stories of Yahoo and Google founders who started in a garage. Do you think they wanted to start in a garage? Do what you need to do to move forward!”

The first four team members at Paga

Once I had decided to pour my life into solving the “use of cash” problem, I started mapping out how to go about it. Top of the list of questions I noted down was related to the team —

Who would be great to bring on to the team?

What roles needed to be filled immediately?

and most importantly: how the hell was I going to pay this team?

Sure, I had saved up some money and I was prepared to invest it in the business but I knew it wouldn’t take me too far. Paga was an idea that…

I was once on a date and after a lovely dinner was faced with the familiar embarrassment of being unable to pay for the dinner due to a POS failure. The restaurant tried charging my card but got an error. They tried another device and yet another error. The only option was to pay cash — of which I had none. Apologetic, I had to leave my date at the restaurant and go to the ATM. The first two ATMs also gave me an error — “issuer inoperative” — the third ATM worked — and I was using the same…

My personal goal is for Paga to be a company that lasts over 200 years. For us to achieve that and be successful, we have to always be building the dream team — A+ people who are great at what they do, then give them the freedom to execute and own their areas.

Building the dream team is an ongoing activity. Our leadership team spends a significant portion of our time thinking about our people and working on building the team. Finding talent in Nigeria isn’t easy especially engineering talent. From the early days of Paga, we partnered with Apposit…

Thank you,

We just hit our 10 millionth unique user today, a little over 6 years after commercial launch, and I am very excited about this major milestone! On behalf of our team, I’d love to simply say “Thank you!” Thank you to everyone who uses Paga! We are deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in us!

In 2008, when I decided I would quit my job to do something entrepreneurial, I wrote down 20 ideas in my journal. Number 10 was “mobile payments” and 11 was “banking the unbanked”. I then drew a line from 11 to 10 and…

Tayo Oviosu

Living to change the face of Africa - one venture at a time! Founder & CEO of Paga @mypaga - the #1 way to pay or get paid in Nigeria. Avid Chelsea FC fan!

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